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Ashley McCorkle

For the last 15 years I’ve worked in Silicon Valley straddling the worlds of product design and user trends research, trying to understand what the future of the “digital home” will be.  My lifelong love of furniture and good design has motivated me to pursue the craft of making furniture and other objects to put in those homes, and conceive of them in a way that is relevant for the way we live in the 21st century.

Why Modernism?  Ive come to look at trends in (furniture) design as reactions to how we want to shape our environments to reflect how we feel about our present and future.  The Modernist movement reflected the optimism at the time of the transformative power of new technology (cars, radio, airplanes) on society.  I share that optimism and think that its no coincidence that mid-Century Modern design is seeing a revival today.

Why “Maker”? Another believe that the Modernist designers held was a willingness to embrace new materials and methods of production in furniture making.  Though this resulted in furniture production shifting to large companies like Herman Miller and Knoll…the advent of the Maker Movement and the accessibility of tools like CNC and 3D printing to individuals and small businesses has “democratized” the production of modern furniture.

Why this Blog? I am still working full-time in the tech industry, but am also studying traditional furnituremaking methods with Garry Rogowski in his 2 year Mastery Program at the Northwestern Woodworking Studio.  I’ll be using this blog to share with all of you my journey in learning my craft.[/lab_scroll_box]

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